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About Coach Doug

About Coach Doug

I am a coach at heart. Throughout my life, I always gravitate toward teaching and guiding others. I want to be your coach too.

As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras, I was a coach. As a school teacher on an Indian reservation, ranching town, main street, and within the urban core, I was a coach. I was a college women’s basketball coach for more than 10 years. When I worked with soldiers, sailors, and airmen, I was their coach. As a college professor, I am a coach to my graduate students. As a financial advisor since 2000 and as a CFP®, professional, I do more teaching and coaching than I ever have before!

"You say impossible, but all I hear is 'I'm possible." 

Ted Lasso

Guidance Through Turbulence!

My philosophy is shaped by the lessons learned as a teacher and coach. But mostly my financial planning expertise has been acquired while working with clients, guiding them through their financial transitions.

There are no shortcuts or secrets to financial independence. As in life, sports, and endeavors, it always comes down to mastering the fundamentals.

As simple as that seems, very few successfully master these without the motivation, guidance, and inspiration of a coach.

Do you have a financial game plan?

Thank you!