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“I am first and foremost, the steward of your household/family’s most precious financial goals and the portfolio manager second.”

Nick Murray, Financial Author, Public Speaker

The Money Coach Process

Regardless of the level of wealth, Doug Nelson, CFP® always believes that people can live their dream if their finances are properly managed and well-understood. This inspired Doug to be a money coach.

The Money Coach Process

  • Engage

    If the first meeting with your prospective financial advisor is all about money, perhaps you have the wrong financial advisor. I want to know you. I want to learn about your challenges and goals. Our first meeting will be at a time and location convenient for you. We will meet in person, connect virtually, or by phone. After our first meeting, you will know whether I’m a good fit to serve as your Money Coach.

    My practice is not “geocentric” and I’m licensed in multiple states. I regularly meet in person with my clients and look forward to meeting you as well.

  • Envision

    What are your goals? Where do you envision yourself in the future? Does your current financial game plan align with your goals? Let’s get started Additionally if it is it important to you that your investments align with your values? If you already have a portfolio, I can review your current portfolio and identify changes to align with your goals and values.

  • Explore & Educate

    There may be many options available to you. You face financial decisions every day. Should I buy or lease a car? Should I consider doing a Roth Conversion? How do I pay for college? Emotions impact many of our financial decisions. As your Money Coach, I will guide you my goal is to guide you to the best, informed decisions. My playbook is full. Where do you want to be?

  • Execute

    Your participation and motivation are essential to your financial success. The best financial game plan means very little if you don’t convert it to results. Together, you and I will be putting your financial plan into motion. Your participation and motivation are essential to your financial success. You’ll have tools at your fingertips to monitor your progress.

  • Evaluate

    Every successful financial game plan requires regular evaluations to identify weaknesses and reveal new opportunities. Are your investments performing as well as their peer group? Are there weaknesses in your portfolio asset allocations? Are you taking on too much, or not enough risk?

Does my portfolio match my risk?
Are you missing out on tax-efficient strategies?

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